Work in Progress

Here's where I post what I'm currently working on as well as casual photos of any recently finished work. 

Secrets of my Second Piece

Teeny tiny screws  

Teeny tiny screws  

These teeny tiny screws are a part of the second piece in my thesis series, a pair of candlesticks. The screws connect the silver element to the 3D printed part. Receiving these little screws was very fun because it is the first time seeing them in real size. While designing such small elements I work extremely zoomed in on the computer. Therefore it is easy to forget just how small I'm working. This aspect is starting to become one of my favorite parts of 3D modeling and printing. I love working small and with the computer's help I can better zoom in and really perfect the details. 

These screws will be dyed to coordinate with the piece, though they will not be visible unless intentionally peeking at the bottom. I am still deciding whether they will contrast or blend with the main color of the candle sticks.  

Soon I will be posting some photos of the finished pieces in my thesis series.