Work in Progress

Here's where I post what I'm currently working on as well as casual photos of any recently finished work. 

A Peek at My Process

Finally my collection has been finished and installed! My pieces are installed in the exhibition called XY2Z3 which will be up at the Link Gallery on April 25- May 4. As well my work will be a part of the BFA exhibition in Krannert Art Museum May 7-14. This series took a bit of a turn near the end and is completely connected with an instagram account (@jewishin2016) this became the title and each object is hashtagged. A long with photographs of the work, I created stop motion animations of each object in use. 

As a personal reflection, overall I am content with the outcome. There are still several spots and areas that are not nearly as perfect as I initially imagined (though this is often case!). This process of 3d printing computer models, dying them, and adding to their final form has quickly become a favorite process of mine. At the start of this semester when I was planning this collection I was nervous to begin a process that involved considering every detail at the planning stages and then just executing it when the materials arrived. However, it was this intense amount of problem solving that really engaged me the whole semester. Each dilemma encouraged me to take a new angle on this series and kept me on my toes; I was constantly altering and updating up until the moment I placed them on the pedestal (even afterwards I'm still maintaining and refining the social media presence of this series.

This semester really cemented my desire to make a career in making and crafting.  I willingly spent my spring break staying up late working on this collection, and enjoyed every minute of it. While I watched my friends reluctantly complete homework and work on their own thesis I gladly spent my late nights in the studio perfecting, refining and polishing. Speaking of polishing, this is by far the most rewarding process. It requires quite a few steps of preparation, starting with making sure the form is completely finished and sanding down all the way down to 2500 sandpaper (i start with 220). Finally a few once overs with some silicone abrasives and I can take the piece to the buffing wheel. Watching the piece turn from kinda shiny to mirror finish is amazing. I would actually get blinded from the shine when I stood at a certain angle. Also, I got to see myself in my work, literally! 

silicone polishing wheel and one of the pieces of #chanukiah

silicone polishing wheel and one of the pieces of #chanukiah