Work in Progress

Here's where I post what I'm currently working on as well as casual photos of any recently finished work. 

If I have to ask, it's not perfect.


That's my motto this semester.  

Until recently I was intimidated by precise, technical work. I felt it wasn't very "me" and that I related more to organic, go-with-the-flow style. Both are completely acceptable styles though I find the satisfaction greater when the piece is technically planned out before hand and executed well. I used to shy away from precision and aiming for perfection, but then I realized I apply those thoughts to nearly every other aspects of my life, specifically dancing. So as I work on this series I employ my "dance brain" except instead of thinking I can get my leg higher I think I can make this cone smoother. 

Anyways, the first piece is due tomorrow! I'll be sharing the designs of my second piece soon. 


Blocking the cone

Blocking the cone