Work in Progress

Here's where I post what I'm currently working on as well as casual photos of any recently finished work. 

Let it begin...

Drawing and rendering

Drawing and rendering

As this semester gets going I begin developing the work for my thesis show. The collection I am designing consists of 3D printed Judaica objects. These objects are light weight and are stored in a box for portability. My goal for this series is to establish an easier means for a millennial Jew to connect with their Judaism. The first object I will be working on is a Kiddish Cup. The image above shows the early steps of my process: a color drawing and a rendering. As I wait for the nylon print to come in the mail I hope to start working on the silver components. The final object should be just under 4 in (~10cm) tall. 

This series will challenge my precision and ability to successfully make use of multiple materials. I will further expand my computer modeling and rendering skills as well as continuing to practice my hand skills. Both in combination require patience and calculations. Lots of calculations! The bold colors and geometric shapes will capture who I've always been as an artist, while the sleek silver components show off what I've learned through the metals program.