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Here's where I post what I'm currently working on as well as casual photos of any recently finished work. 

Outsourced Thoughts

Shapeways Order Status Page

Shapeways Order Status Page

My final project was very nerve wracking at first, with half of the project requiring that I out source to Shapeways. This semester is the first time I've outsourced any kind of my work and I have not been a huge fan. In the majority of my 3d printing experience, I can peek at the machine or at least see the product as soon as the printer is done and make decisions from there. Leaving such a huge chunk of the project at the mercy of others to load onto the printer and decide if it printed correctly leaves me very uncomfortable. Since I also have to wait for the pieces to be mailed to me before I can see how they actually came out, I have to be happy with what printed. However, today I have the one consolation that at least whatever did print should arrive in time for me to complete the project, since 6 of the 8 pieces are finished. 

There are still so many open ends in this project, so heres to hoping the rest gets printed on time, the dye I ordered ships in time, and it all fits together with the enameled pieces!